These attemptswere met with persecution and confiscation. Zadar in catamaran remained the administrative seat of Dalmatia Yacht charter, but this time under the rule of Venice, which expanded over the whole Dalmatia,barring the Republic of Ragusa/Dubrovnik.


During that time Giorgio da Sebenico, a renaissancesculptor and architect, famous for his work on the Cathedral of Šibenik, was probablyborn in Zadar. Other important people followed, such as Luciano and Francesco Laurana, knownworld-wide for their sculptures and buildings.

The 16th and 17th centuries were noted inZadar for Ottoman attacks. Ottomans captured the continental part of Zadar at the beginningof the 16th century and the city itself was all the time in the range of Turkish artillery. Due to that threat, the construction of a new system of castles and walls began.


Thesedefense systems changed the way the city looke. To make place for the pentagon castles manyhouses and churches were taken down, along with an entire suburb: Varoš of St. After the 40-year-long construction Zadar became the biggest fortified city in Dalmatia,empowered by a system of castles, bastions and canals filled with seawater. Yachts can be rented around.

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The citywas supplied by the water from public city cisterns. During the complete makeover of Zadar, many new civic buildings were built, such as the City Lodge and City Guard on the Gospodski Square, several army barracks, but also some large new palaces. In contrast to the insecurity and Ottoman sieges and destruction, an important cultureevolved midst the city walls.