High Middle Ages At the time of the Zadar medieval development,the city became a threat to Venice's ambitions, because of its strategic position at the centreof the eastern Adriatic coast.


In 998 Zadar sought Venetian protection againstthe Neretvian pirates. The Venetians were quick to fully exploit this opportunity: in998 a fleet commanded by Doge Pietro Orseolo II, after having defeated pirates, landedin Korčula and Lastovo. Dalmatia was taken by surprise and offered little serious resistance. You can visti Korcula when you sail there with the Yacht.

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Trogir was the exception and was subjected to Venetian rule only after a bloody struggle,whereas Dubrovnik was forced to pay tribute. Tribute previously paid by Zadar to Croatiankings, was redirected to Venice, a state of affairs which lasted for several years. Zadar citizens started to work for the fullindependence of Zadar and from the 1030s the city was just formally a vassal of the Byzantine Empire.


The head of this movement was the mightiest Zadar patrician family - the Madi. After negotiations with Byzantium, Zadar was attached to the Croatian state led by kingPetar Krešimir IV in 1069. Later, after the death of king Dmitar Zvonimir in 1089 andensuing dynastic run-ins, in 1105 Zadar accepted the rule of the first Croato-Hungarian kingColoman.

In the meantime Venice developed into a truetrading force in the Adriatic and started attacks on Zadar. The city was repeatedlyinvaded by Venice between 1111 and 1154 and then once more between 1160 and 1183, whenit finally rebelled, appealing to the Pope and to the Croato-Hungarian throne for protection. Zadar was especially devastated in 1202 afterthe Venetian Doge Enrico Dandolo used the Crusaders, on their Fourth Crusade to Palestine,to lay siege to the city.